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A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Wed Jun 17 01:48:01 EDT 2009

On 17 Jun 2009 at 0:18, Dave Doherty wrote:

> > News story today on WBZ (AM) about Worcester residents having major
> > problems receiving Digital TV stations after 6/12.
> No big surprise there. Much of Worcester is blocked from line of
> sight.
> We don't do much better with the FM signals around here. IBOC is
> problematic, and we are on the hairy edge of analog reception from Pru
> and FM128 in many places. WBUR is unlistenable in many sections of
> town, and we have no local NPR affiliate. WGBH - at 100kW - is better
> in some places but still not very reliable.

Doesn't WFCR come in well?  It comes in up to about Route 128.
> I cannot believe the city hasn't opened up cable to competition from
> FiOS, cable overbuilds, or whatever.  Maybe this will be the trigger. 
> Oops, there I go again, thinking logically...

I don't know, but it may be that Verizon doesn't want to do FIOS in 
Worcester yet.  I know it isn't in Brookline, and I've been told by 
town officials that Verizon has never applied to be in Brookline.

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