Doug Drown
Tue Jun 16 15:06:52 EDT 2009

Ted:  You're right, but then again, I find it enjoyable to read the town 
columns in some of Maine's weekly newspapers:  "Harley Sprague was in Bangor 
last Thursday and had lunch with his daughter."  "Birdena Clark got home 
Saturday from her stay at the hospital, where she had her gallbladder 
removed.  She appreciates all the cards and flowers she received."

I'm not kidding.

It's a fallen world we live in . . . voyeurism feeds on narcissism, which 
feeds on voyeurism.  Hey, how do you think The National Enquirer survives?

;-)    -Doug

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> No disagreement here. Truthfully, I don't understand the thrill in 
> communicating generally trivial daily"I'm sitting at my 
> computer writing about Twitter and just came back from the Dentist. Wow! 
> Really?
> Ted Larsen
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>>>Although it doesn't quite seem like my thing, for what it's worth, I am 
>>>exploring Twitter.
>>>Anyone following anyone interesting in the radio world?
>> I follow a few radio and TV folks I like, and a couple of journalists and 
>> media critics.  Sometimes, there's very interesting info that they send 
>> out.  But to be honest, much of what I read on Twitter seems 
>> self-indulgent and not very useful-- like when David Gregory of NBC 
>> announces what he ate for lunch... sigh... Okay fine, some tweets can 
>> also be inspiring, like the reports coming out of young people in Iran, 
>> but frankly, unless you are a big fan of text messaging and have lots of 
>> time on your hands, Twitter isn't all that exciting.  I am sure I'll get 
>> a lot of folks who disagree with me...

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