Ted Larsen
Tue Jun 16 14:14:23 EDT 2009

No disagreement here. Truthfully, I don't understand the thrill in 
communicating generally trivial daily"I'm sitting at my 
computer writing about Twitter and just came back from the Dentist. Wow! 

Ted Larsen

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> At 02:52 AM 6/16/2009, Don A wrote:
>>Although it doesn't quite seem like my thing, for what it's worth, I am 
>>exploring Twitter.
>>Anyone following anyone interesting in the radio world?
> I follow a few radio and TV folks I like, and a couple of journalists and 
> media critics.  Sometimes, there's very interesting info that they send 
> out.  But to be honest, much of what I read on Twitter seems 
> self-indulgent and not very useful-- like when David Gregory of NBC 
> announces what he ate for lunch... sigh... Okay fine, some tweets can also 
> be inspiring, like the reports coming out of young people in Iran, but 
> frankly, unless you are a big fan of text messaging and have lots of time 
> on your hands, Twitter isn't all that exciting.  I am sure I'll get a lot 
> of folks who disagree with me...

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