Sid Schweiger
Tue Jun 16 08:23:40 EDT 2009

>>Okay fine, some tweets can also be inspiring, like the reports coming out of young people in Iran, but frankly, unless you are a big fan of text messaging and have lots of time on your hands, Twitter isn't all that exciting.<<

It also isn't all that reliable.  We were going to try using it for emergency inter-company communications (for example, to notify all the engineering/IT people that e-mail or corporate networks were down, streaming was off-line, servers had crashed, etc.), and when we tested it about half of our people didn't receive their tweets at all.  One of our corporate IT people theorizes that Twitter might use the UDP protocol, which doesn't require an acknowledgement that the transmitted data was received.  That works well for something like streaming, but not for a messaging app and certainly not for something critical such as what we needed. 

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