Don A
Tue Jun 16 15:20:33 EDT 2009

>> No disagreement here. Truthfully, I don't understand the thrill in
>> communicating generally trivial daily"I'm sitting at my 
>> computer writing about Twitter and just came back from the Dentist. Wow! 
>> Really?


That's why I asked if there was anyone in the radio world that twittered 
anything interesting.

If Mel Karmazin or Norm Pattiz was twittering, I would image they might have 
some interesting things to say.

Seems like most of the twittering I have seen is commercially aimed. 
Subscribe to your favorite Boston Chef, and you're likely to get contrived 
messages about their 2-for-one specials.  Subscribe to the twitter of your 
favorite radio station and you're likely to recieve messges telling you they 
are about to start another 12-in-a-Row.

I subscribed to the BostonRadio twitter feed...and I am recieving tweets 
about baseball.

Is anyone saying anything interesting on Twitter?

Any good radio minds twittering?

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