WBZ-TV Anniversary

Keith Fornal keith.fornal@cox.net
Wed Jun 10 23:59:33 EDT 2009

WLNE has added 2 local newscasts this year.  They started a Sunday morning
newscast at 10am which follows This Week with George Stephanopoulos.  This
week after dropping the King World Syndicated programming they started a
weeknight 7pm newscast.  Seems to me that the new owners are trying a lot
harder to compete then Freedom ever did.  Personally I'd watch 6 before 12
or 64.

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Agreed about WLNE - they had enough trouble finding a buyer when Freedom put
them up for sale a few years ago. They're now 4th in billing (WJAR, WPRI and
WNAC are ahead) and things aren't going to turn around in this economy. They
would be better off going the way of WZMY - no news and a lot of paid-for
programming, but that's unseemly for a VHF network affiliate. 

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I would be willing to bet nobody at 1170 even knew (well maybe Jack)

I am more concerned that WLNE could pull the plug. 


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