WBZ-TV Anniversary

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Wed Jun 10 00:47:39 EDT 2009

At 10:55 PM 6/9/2009, Maureen Carney wrote:
>Today is the 61st anniversary of WBZ 4's debut. I remember back 
>25-30 years ago they made a big deal about it, with a special and 
>congratulatory messages from NBC personalities. (I remember one with 
>David Letterman - that tells you how long ago it was!) Why would 
>they want to remember the old days with Group W and NBC, not to 
>mention all the on-air personalities they let go in the last few years?

Don't get me started.  I've offered for years to write their 
history-- I even compiled a very thorough timeline, but there was 
never much interest, sad to say. I guess the CBS management doesn't 
see the value in remembering one's history. 

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