WXYT -Detroit wants to move their transmitter location

Dave Doherty dave@skywaves.net
Thu Jun 4 00:50:02 EDT 2009

Hi, Glen-

> We were told that the chances of a US-licensed station with towers on 
> Canadian soil was zero.

By treaty, US signals are protected from interference only on US soil, and 
Canada has no obligation to protect US signals on Canadian soil.

A US station located on Canadian soil would be entitled to no protection 
whatsoever from Canadian interference. So tower 1 could host a co-channel 

It's a logical impossibilty.


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> As the engineer who picked the present 9-tower site, I have
> to agree with Dan's analysis on several points:
> 1) due to the fact that the present site has not been
> amortized, abandoning it would be economically
> tough, regardless of the performance benefit.
> 2) when working with the FCC International Division
> for a different Detroit project, we specifically
> asked if a tower site in Canada would be
> considered. We were told that the chances of a
> US-licensed station with towers on Canadian
> soil was zero.
> But the real killer is
> 3) a tower site in or near Leamington suggests that
> the main lobe of the night pattern would shoot
> between WMKT(AM) in Charlevoix, Michigan
> and WWWI(AM) in Baxter, Minnesota. Protecting
> WMKT and WWWI would mandate a thin pencil-
> thin night pattern which would miss the northeast
> corner of the Detroit market and the southwest
> corner of the market, including DTW airport.
> If CBS is prepared to buy out those two stations and take them
> dark, the Leamington option would make engineering sense,
> if not economic sense. However, if taking WMKT dark is in the
> cards, then CBS can modify the night pattern from the present
> towers and save $2 million in construction costs.
> If you can come up with more tangible specifics, like the engineer
> who is allegedly developing the Leamington proposal, I would be
> happy to explore this further. However, my suspicion is that Dan
> is correct, someone is spinning a yarn.
> With best regards,
> Glen Clark
> Pittsburgh, PA
> On Jun 3, 2009, at 8:49 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> Sounds like someone is pulling your leg! First off, WXYT has been at
> its current site for no more than about five years. It seems
> inconceivable to me that CBS would have spent the millions it cost to
> build the nine-tower site without a much longer lease.
> From: "Kevin Vahey" <kvahey@comcast.net>
>>> was talking before the game to the Tigers
>>> audio man and he told me CBS is putting together the paperwork for a
>>> very oddball request for WXYT
>>> They want to move their 9 towers to a location that will make it
>>> easier for them to serve Metro Detroit at night - Leamington, ONTARIO

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