WXYT -Detroit wants to move their transmitter location

Glen Clark glen@clarkcom.com
Wed Jun 3 21:25:58 EDT 2009

As the engineer who picked the present 9-tower site, I have
to agree with Dan's analysis on several points:

	1) due to the fact that the present site has not been
		amortized, abandoning it would be economically
		tough, regardless of the performance benefit.

	2) when working with the FCC International Division
		for a different Detroit project, we specifically
		asked if a tower site in Canada would be
		considered. We were told that the chances of a
		US-licensed station with towers on Canadian
		soil was zero.

But the real killer is

	3) a tower site in or near Leamington suggests that
		the main lobe of the night pattern would shoot
		between WMKT(AM) in Charlevoix, Michigan
		and WWWI(AM) in Baxter, Minnesota. Protecting
		WMKT and WWWI would mandate a thin pencil-
		thin night pattern which would miss the northeast
		corner of the Detroit market and the southwest
		corner of the market, including DTW airport.

If CBS is prepared to buy out those two stations and take them
dark, the Leamington option would make engineering sense,
if not economic sense. However, if taking WMKT dark is in the
cards, then CBS can modify the night pattern from the present
towers and save $2 million in construction costs.

If you can come up with more tangible specifics, like the engineer
who is allegedly developing the Leamington proposal, I would be
happy to explore this further. However, my suspicion is that Dan
is correct, someone is spinning a yarn.

With best regards,

Glen Clark
Pittsburgh, PA

On Jun 3, 2009, at 8:49 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:

Sounds like someone is pulling your leg! First off, WXYT has been at
its current site for no more than about five years. It seems
inconceivable to me that CBS would have spent the millions it cost to
build the nine-tower site without a much longer lease.

From: "Kevin Vahey" <kvahey@comcast.net>

>> was talking before the game to the Tigers
>> audio man and he told me CBS is putting together the paperwork for a
>> very oddball request for WXYT
>> They want to move their 9 towers to a location that will make it
>> easier for them to serve Metro Detroit at night - Leamington, ONTARIO

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