WXYT -Detroit wants to move their transmitter location

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Wed Jun 3 20:49:19 EDT 2009

Sounds like someone is pulling your leg! First off, WXYT has been at
its current site for no more than about five years. It seems
inconceivable to me that CBS would have spent the millions it cost to
build the nine-tower site without a much longer lease. Second,
Leamington (once the home of CHIR/CHYR, "one" of North America's
"three" dual-frequency AMs. of which only one--WNZK--remains) is,
IIRC, about 35 or 40 miles east of Detroit. Given WXYT's two very
narrow patterns, there is no way that, from that location, WXYT could
protect the stations it needs to protect and still deliver a signal
that is even audible in Detroit--much less, deliver a city-grade (5
mV/m) signal to Detroit. With those patterns, WXYT has got to be more
or less south of Detroit--unless, of course, the idea is to change
frequencies--maybe to resurrect CHIR/CHYR (710 days; 730 nights).
And I haven't even gotten to the issues you raised regarding a
transmitter site in a different country or US ownership of a Canadian
station. You sure you didn't hear this on April 1 or that the guy who
told you this story didn't hear it first on April 1?

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> In Detroit for the Sox series and was talking before the game to the
> Tigers
> audio man and he told me CBS is putting together the paperwork for a
> very
> oddball request for WXYT
> They want to move their 9 towers to a location that will make it
> easier for
> them to serve Metro Detroit at night - Leamington, ONTARIO
> Never mind the FCC, would the CRTC even open the folder on this????
> Seems like CBS is losing the lease they have for the WXYT

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