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I've never been in Hampden ME; I don't even know the closest I've ever
been to Hampden. But I do know that the areal view of the proposed
WRME site at CDBS certainly LOOKS nice. Appears to be just the right
shape and size for the array and it looks like nice flat land that
seems to be covered with grass and has no trees on it. All of the
trees are beyond the periphery of the site. Also, the NIF from that
site appears to completely encompass Bangor (and lots of other places
in central Maine). Amazing! One would certainly think that the
neighbors wouldn't want no stinkin' towers there;>( (especially since
the towers would be 270' high, which means that at least two of them
would be illuminated.

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> Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>> Anyone have any info on the status of their CP for 750 kHz 50
>> kW-D/10
>> kW-N DA-N in Hampden (Bangor) ME? Technically, this appears to be a
>> very sound application and the facility, along with WGAN and WZON,
>> would certainly become one of Maine's top three AM signals. (As
>> Maine's only 50 kW daytime AM signal and only 10 kW nighttime AM
>> signal, it could be claimed to be the Pinetree State's BEST AM
>> signal.) According to the application, the NIF would be just 9.99
>> mV/m. This CP seems rather far along--the FAA has assigned ASRN's
>> to
>> the four towers. However, only a little over six months remain
>> before
>> the CP expires on 12/13/2009--if it is not tolled.
> I wouldn't read much into the ASRNs being assigned; I believe that's
> now a mandatory part of the application process for proposed towers
> tall enough to require registration.
> Here's the challenge: let's say I'm a broadcaster interested in
> being on the AM dial in Bangor. What's cheaper for me right now - to
> buy this CP from Hecht and Alonso (which will give me until June
> 2011 with the 18-month extension), then fight the NIMBY neighbors
> and spend the cash to build a brand-new site...or to pay Blueberry
> Broadcasting whatever fairly small sum it probably wants to unload
> the former WABI(AM), with a perfectly respectable 5 kW signal on 910
> and an arguably better night signal than 750 will have?
> Make the right offer for 910 and you could be on the air in a month
> or two...buy 750 and it could be another two years, if you can get
> it built at all.
> s

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