Hecht and Alonso

Roger Kirk rogerkirk@ttlc.net
Tue Jun 2 20:39:40 EDT 2009

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> I've never been in Hampden ME; I don't even know the closest I've ever
> been to Hampden. But I do know that the areal view of the proposed
> WRME site at CDBS certainly LOOKS nice. Appears to be just the right
> shape and size for the array and it looks like nice flat land that
> seems to be covered with grass and has no trees on it. All of the
> trees are beyond the periphery of the site. Also, the NIF from that
> site appears to completely encompass Bangor (and lots of other places
> in central Maine). Amazing! One would certainly think that the
> neighbors wouldn't want no stinkin' towers there;>( (especially since
> the towers would be 270' high, which means that at least two of them
> would be illuminated.
Hampden is a stone's throw from Bangor & Brewer. I've driven through 
many times on my way to PEI.  Looking for NIMBY?  This could very well 
be it.  Herewith a link to a retirement village in Hampden, ME. 

Towers? I don't think so.


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