City of License change For WVVT

Scott Fybush
Tue Jun 2 15:34:24 EDT 2009

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> Well, if there is enough land at the 1390 site, WVVT could use two of
> WCAT's three existing towers, but I think that more towers would be
> necessary. Based on the E Greenbush app, I think that at least two
> more towers would have to be built, and even then, the night power
> would be limited to something in the neighborhood of 250W, which might
> or might not be adequate to put an NIF signal over 80% of the
> population of Burlington.

I stand corrected on the current WVVT CP in Vermont - while I think the 
original application called for the use of the WCAT site, the CP that 
expires in October proposes a new four-tower, top-loaded site east of 
downtown Burlington, along a bend in the Winooski River.

The COL for the CP is Essex Junction, not Burlington, and the night 
power is 300 watts, which should be plenty to cover Essex Junction from 
the proposed site just a couple of miles to the west.

Daytime protection to WFAN up there is much easier; all that granite 
between northern Vermont and the Bronx attenuates both the WFAN signal 
and the proposed WVVT; indeed, the WVVT CP in Vermont calls for 50 kW, 
and is still far from a full-market day signal even at that.

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