City of License change For WVVT

Tue Jun 2 15:15:54 EDT 2009

Well, if there is enough land at the 1390 site, WVVT could use two of
WCAT's three existing towers, but I think that more towers would be
necessary. Based on the E Greenbush app, I think that at least two
more towers would have to be built, and even then, the night power
would be limited to something in the neighborhood of 250W, which might
or might not be adequate to put an NIF signal over 80% of the
population of Burlington.

WVVT would almost certainly have to choose between WCAT's towers 2 and
3. Those towers are too close to each other to both be used at 670.
(They appear to be less than 30 degrees apart at 670.)  Either one is
far enough from the tall tower #1 to be used at 670. The spacing
between towers 1 and 2 is 73 degrees at 670, which is close but
probably adequate. Tower 3 is a more comfortable distance from tower 1
(101 degrees at 670) but tower 3 is kind of short for 670, though
unlike the WGDJ towers, maybe not so short that it would have to be
top loaded. However, at 670, the 1390 ground system would be even
more inadequate than WGDJ's ground system. Depending on the layout of
the property, the two new towers could be either east or west of
WCAT's existing trio. And therein may lie a big problem: NIMBYs. If
you read Hecht's proposal for the CoL change, you might easily
conclude that he tried to get approval to use the WCAT site and could
not get it.

Anyhow, I don't think it is just economics that has reduced the value
of the WVVT CP to $1.00.

Dan Strassberg (
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> There's no economic justification right now for a new AM in
> Burlington, where it could be built fairly quickly by diplexing on
> the 1390 array - and as Dan correctly notes, the obstacles to
> getting it built in Albany are probably insurmountable.

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