City of License change For WVVT

Scott Fybush
Tue Jun 2 13:33:34 EDT 2009

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> Noted at least three months ago: 670 kHz 15 kW-D/11 kW-CH/260W-N DA-3
> (two towers D and CH/four towers N). But didn't the FCC toss WVVT's
> application for modification of CP after that? For sure, CBS filed at
> least an informal objection if not a formal petition to deny
> because of prohibited overlap with first-adjacent WFAN. 

It's hard to imagine WVVT actually getting built at either the Vermont 
or Albany sites. This was a classic speculative application - Alfred 
Alonso (former head of Mega Broadcasting, of WAMG 1150/890 fame) and 
Charles Hecht, a Pennsylvania-based consulting engineer - almost surely 
never intended to build or operate the thing themselves, instead finding 
a buyer - a "greater fool," if you will - to buy the CP and build it out.

Then the economy turned, and the CP didn't look quite so valuable. It 
just changed hands last week ahead of its August expiration date; the 
new owners can get an 18-month extension to build it out, but I suspect 
it will expire unbuilt. There's no economic justification right now for 
a new AM in Burlington, where it could be built fairly quickly by 
diplexing on the 1390 array - and as Dan correctly notes, the obstacles 
to getting it built in Albany are probably insurmountable. (Or at least 
too expensive to contemplate in today's climate.)


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