City of License change For WVVT

Tue Jun 2 05:16:01 EDT 2009

Noted at least three months ago: 670 kHz 15 kW-D/11 kW-CH/260W-N DA-3
(two towers D and CH/four towers N). But didn't the FCC toss WVVT's
application for modification of CP after that? For sure, CBS filed at
least an informal objection if not a formal petition to deny
because of prohibited overlap with first-adjacent WFAN. Also, WVVT is
proposing to diplex with WGDJ 1300 Rensselaer, which holds a CP to
increase its D power to 10 kW (four towers) and its N power to 8 kW
(six towers) from its existing site on the east side of the Hudson,
near Albany. Since WVVT's proposed frequency is barely more than half
of WGDJ's, WVVT's proposal would require top-loading of at least four
of WGDJ's six towers, which are a standard 90 degrees at 1300 and have
ground systems that are way undersized for 670. As the engineers at
WFAN and WCBS can tell the WGDJ folks, it isn't practical to top-load
a diplexed AM tower at the frequency of one of the stations that uses
the tower but not at the frequency of the other station. WFAN and WCBS
tried that decades ago and gave up on it. So if the WVVT application
is serious and has the concurrence of WGDJ, WGDJ would have had to
apply to modify its CP to specify electrically taller towers with top
loading, and that, in turn, would have required scaling back on its
already authorized D and N power increases. Last time I checked, WGDJ
had not applied for such a modification of its CP.

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Did anyone else notice this:  the owners of a CP for an new AM on 670
khz in
Essex Junction, VT, under the calls WVVT, have applied to the FCC to
move the
City of license to East Greenbush, NY.  Thus, a move from the
Burlington, VT mahket
to Albany, NY.  Shades of the switch of AM 1050 in Peterboro, NH to
650 AM in
Ashland, MA!

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