analog shutdown maybe delayed

Roger Kirk
Sat Jan 10 21:52:48 EST 2009

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> I don't know this for a fact but I suspect that LCD TVs with CCFL 
> backlights use less energy than CRT TVs that have similar screen area. 
> And the newest large-screen LCD TVs with LED backlights must use even 
> less energy than CCFL-backlit LCD TVs of the same screen dimensions. 
> Even plasma-screen units very likely use no more energy than CRT TVs 
> that have the same screen area.
According to a BBC report, plasma televisions, which it says are about 
50 percent bigger than their cathode-ray-tube equivalents, "consume 
about four times more energy according to the government-funded Energy 
Saving Trust." notes that LCD TV's under 40 inches may be more 
efficient than the prototypical 36" CRT TV.
> OTOH, people may watch their flat-screen TVs more than they watched 
> their old CRT-based analog sets. So the new TVs may use more enrgy 
> because they are on more of the time. predicts that at the current efficiency levels, 
rapid growth in TV Sales, increased hours of viewing, and multiple TVs 
per household will lead to a 50% rise in TV energy consumption by 2010.

They also noted that 10% of a TV's energy is consumed while turned off.

Insight Media's "Display DAily" blog noted CNET measured the power 
consumption of 54 television sets.
Flat-panel TVs with 42-inch screens ranged from about 190 watts to 250, 
with most clustering between 200 and 230.
...the power consumption of a 65-inch Sharp LCD-TV was 584 watts.

Power consumption also varies according to program content for emissive 
technologies e.g. Plasma & OLED, while shutter-style technologies are 
constant regardless of program content e.g. LCD.

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