analog shutdown maybe delayed

Richard Chonak
Sat Jan 10 23:04:56 EST 2009

Roger Kirk wrote:
> Insight Media's "Display DAily" blog noted CNET measured the power 
> consumption of 54 television sets.
> Flat-panel TVs with 42-inch screens ranged from about 190 watts to 250, 
> with most clustering between 200 and 230.
> ...the power consumption of a 65-inch Sharp LCD-TV was 584 watts.

Wow!   Are those average sizes?   (cue song: "Frank's 2000-inch TV" by 
Weird Al)

In my apartment, my 24" set (60 watts, bought in 1998) is -- well, it'll 
have to do.

LOL: I just went searching through my drawer of appliance manuals to 
look for the year I bought that set.   I found some Continental 
Cablevision installation forms ($31.95/mo, Cambridge, 1988) and a 
receipt from buying a Mitsubishi VCR at Highland Superstore in Brighton 
($407 in 1988).


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