Weather cat walk-on

Ric Werme
Fri Jan 9 11:28:48 EST 2009

> One time, when I was visiting Maine, I flipped on channel 8 when the
> transmitter was on Mt. Washington.  They went from the studio to a special
> room for weather forecasting on top of the Mount, and a cat was sitting
> there on the counter as the mountaintop weatherman did his bit.

Not a special room, and no forecasting was done there.  Both the WMTW
transmitter and the Mt Washington Weather Observatory had cats, the latter
still does.  The WMTW cat was a frequent on-screen presence, especially
before they moved away from the table to just a chair.

Marty Engstrom's final weather report is at
I'm sure whoever told Marty to smile at the end of his segment cringed everytime he did.

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