KSCO, like WJIB, a commercial station asking for donations

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Fri Jan 9 10:50:53 EST 2009

A few days ago Tom Taylor's radio-info.com newsletter (available free via email to those who want it)
mentioned that KSCO in Santa Cruz, CA, is a commercial (talk) station that began to ask for donations
from listeners to help its budget. I mentioned on radio-info's message board that WJIB has done pretty much did the
same thing, and Taylor's column today has some quotes from Bob Bittner about it.

Bob mentions that he raised money for both WJIB and WJTO to meet operating expenses such as music
licensing, and that new regulations penalized smaller stations and benefited bigger ones. Bob says his
music licensing fees have gone up from $6k per year to $40k per year. Bob said he made his
request for donations over the air. The California station had listeners contribute via PayPal.

The column can be seen by subscription via http://www.radio-info.com

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