KSCO, like WJIB, a commercial station asking for donations

Mike Ward mward@iname.com
Fri Jan 9 10:59:30 EST 2009

Bob Nelson wrote:
> A few days ago Tom Taylor's radio-info.com newsletter (available free via email to those who want it)
> mentioned that KSCO in Santa Cruz, CA, is a commercial (talk) station that began to ask for donations
> from listeners to help its budget. I mentioned on radio-info's message board that WJIB has done pretty much did the
> same thing, and Taylor's column today has some quotes from Bob Bittner about it.

I've got 'em both beat...after losing the station's studios to a fire, 
the woman who owned my first station owner got on and asked for listener 
donations back in 1990.  :)

In fact, that owner accused the receptionist (wife of our program 
director) of keeping checks donated to the station, though the 
receptionist was the innocent victim of other employees' incompetence - 
in specific, employees that worked directly for the owner at her other 
non-radio office a few miles from the station...who couldn't run a two 
car parade if the cars were already in front of her.

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