no HD on BZ?

Garrett Wollman
Mon Jan 5 15:52:53 EST 2009

<<On Mon, 05 Jan 2009 14:47:24 -0500, "Dale H. Cook" <> said:

> In this case the studios and transmitter are in different area codes, 
> and so presumably in different LATAs.

Erroneous presumption.  There are two LATAs in Massachusetts.  The
Eastern Massachusetts LATA (128) has eight area codes (617, 508, 781,
978, with one overlay on each).  The Western Mass. LATA is just NPA

> Multipath doesn't occur over water, but refraction can occur (curable 
> by space diversity reception). There would not be a direct microwave 
> shot from studios to transmitter, though - it would have to be hopped 
> via, say, the top of the Pru.

Over Boston Harbor there is also the issue of the seasonal temperature


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