WBZ cuts Leveille, Cuddy, Dyett, poss. Desmarais

Dick Summer Dick@dicksummer.com
Mon Jan 5 13:37:06 EST 2009

Donna, if you know any of the guys who were let go in this blood letting, 
please ask them to get in touch with me. I'm going to a streaming internet 
station, starting with my podcasts www.dicksummer.com/podcast/latest. They 
may be interested in jumping in with input of their own. I want to make a 
"Personal Radio" internet station. Non - Political talk, done by 
entertaining, highly professional, honest to God real people. No money...at 
least not now. But a lot of personal satisfaction, and a platform to be 
heard all around the world. My e-mail is Dick@DickSummer.com  Thanks.


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> At 11:43 AM 1/5/2009, Bob Nelson wrote:
>>The revised schedule page at the WBZ site says Grayson is on mid to
>>5 am. The show originates from KMOX and airs
>>Mid-5 Central time, 1-6 am here, but of course WBZ goes to local
>>news at 5; perhaps WBZ is airing the last hour (5-6 our time)
>>on a tape delay the next night?
> I heard whoever was on at about 4.30 AM getting severely chastized by
> callers-- they weren't blaming him personally but they were saying
> they are gonna call the FCC, that getting rid of Leveille and local
> talk was wrong, etc etc.  The host (whoever he was) said he
> understood and didn't take this opportunity lightly.


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