WBZ cuts Leveille, Cuddy, Dyett, poss. Desmarais

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I suspect that you are correct, which suggests to me that whoever at
CBS was involved with planning this fiasco is as bad with the details
as he is with the big picture. Clearly, the live feed should run from
11:00PM to 4:00AM Central time. KMOX and WCCO are in the Central zone
so they would have to delay the 11:00 to midnight hour and air it from
4:00 to 5:00AM their time. Thus there would be no live calls from the
Central zone during the first hour of the show in the East. But that's
better than starting the show in the East with an hour from the
previous night (or on Monday morning, starting the show in the East
with the last hour of the previous Friday's show). Getting the Eastern
callers started on the previous show's topics will really mess up the
continuity. If KMOX does not have the studio facilities that would
allow staring the feed at 11:00PM Central, that's one more reason for
not selecting St Louis as the origination point. Having the
out-of-sequence hour appear at the end of the show and on the same
night but in the Central zone would have a much less destructive

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The revised schedule page at the WBZ site says Grayson is on mid to 5
am. The show originates from KMOX and airs
Mid-5 Central time, 1-6 am here, but of course WBZ goes to local news
at 5; perhaps WBZ is airing the last hour (5-6 our time) on a tape
delay the next night?

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