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> One place I worked, you were told you wer egoing to be let go right before
> your last air shift and were VERY CLEARLY instructed to NOT say ANYTHING 
> to
> your listeners about this being your last shift.. you were told to go on 
> as
> if it were a normal shift.
> The PD (this was a country station) also removed "Take this job and shove
> it" from the hard drive, because on more then one occassion, the DJ would
> play that as their last song.. and they didn't like that.

My favorite good-bye song was Jimmy Buffett's "Let's Get Drunk (and screw)."

Jeff Dunham played it when he left the afternoon drive shift at WAYU in 
1986.  I picked it up and used it to say good bye three or four times. 
Once, when I played it when leaving from one of my several tenures at WCLZ, 
Brian Phoenix announced at a staff meeting that I would never work at the 
station again.  He hired me back a few years later.  I resisted pointing out 
his earlier proclamation.

When I worked for Chuck Igo at WIDE, I left a letter of resignation after my 
show one day.  On my way in to work the next day, I leared that my two-week 
notice had become an immediate resignation when I heard on the air that 
someone else was going to be doing my shift that day.  (They paid me through 
that week plus my earned vacation time so I have no complaints.)  So after 
picking up my stuff, on my way home, I stopped in at WPOR, where I had also 
been doing a weekend shift to tell the PD, Tom Hennessey, that I was 
available for fill-in shifts.  Tom said "I'm kind of busy today, why don't 
you do my air shift."  So I left my home that morning thinking I was going 
to be doing the afternoon shift at WIDE and I ended up doing the afternoon 
shift at WPOR.  Weird day.

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