WBZ cuts Leveille, Cuddy, Dyett, poss. Desmarais

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>It's very tough. What businesses are going to buy ads to support a 
>local radio station? The retail sector, formerly a major supporter 
>of local radio, is now dominated by national chains and big box 
>stores. Few of those companies spend money on radio.

>From what I've been reading Wal*Mart has completely flipped from 
NO radio advertising, to one of the leading advertisers on radio.
For a while they even provided underwriting on NPR the network at
least...that is until "Wait,Wait Don't Tell Me" absolutely flamed them
(hilariously of course) one day:  Wal*Mart was going to open a store
I believe in Mexico near some ruins.  Peter Segal commented that 
opening a Wal*Mart near ruins would actually detract from the value of 
the neighborhood!  I haven't noticed any Wal*Mart underwriting messages
since then;  they'd probably like them back.

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