If CBS AMs dropped IBOC...

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sat Jan 3 14:47:10 EST 2009

Could they save enough on royalty payments to iBiquity to pay the
salaries of the people they axed for overnights at WBZ, WCCO, et al?

I don't know the answer and I'm gathering it's irrelvant--seems as
though the guy whose show will appear during the overnights is a chum
of the CBS suit who made the decision to axe the local talent. But it
still would be interesting to know.

The KMOX guy, Jon Grayson, who apparently is going to host the
syndicated show, posted on the radio-info.com Boston board. We'll have
to wait to hear what his show is like but is anyone else old enough to
remember the Nightcap show that originated at KSL in the '50s and was
heard nationally (originally, IIRC, on a handful of Class IA AMs and
eventually on the Mutual network). I don't remember much about
Nightcap except that I thought it was insiped and I didn't listen
much. Grayson's short post has a similar flavor. Too early to draw any
real conclusions, though.

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