WBZ cuts Leveille, Cuddy, Dyett, poss. Desmarais

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And IIRC, 1150 (WWDJ--this week) was then sold to ARS, which, when it
was acquired by CBS (or was it then still Infinity), placed the
station in a trust with other properties it could not keep (because of
ownership caps) or did not want. The trust then dealt the station to
Mega Communications, which later sold it to the current owner, Salem,
which may ultimately sell it to LMA partner Radio Luz. Please correct
the preceding if it is wrong.

Along with having had the largest number of call signs in the market,
1150 may well have had the largest number of owners (probably
verifiable if somebody wanted to spend a lot of time on research) and
the largest number of formats (probably not verifiable).

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>>Yes, you are correct, and I think Rod Fritz was the new director.  I
>>trying to recall who owned the signal then?
> Well, here's the WHUE story.  It went all news in July 1983, which
> meant it was competing with the much more stablished WEEI (back
> then, still a news station). WHUE was owned at that time by "T
> Communications," which was really Alex Tanger.  WHUE-AM (there was
> also a separate FM) was sold to Greater Media in early November
> 1984.

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