More on the FD

Larry Weil
Thu Feb 26 17:58:32 EST 2009

In any case, I am now reading on the internets that the senate voted this
afternoon to prohibit the FCC re-imposing the fairness doctrine by a vote of
87-11.  This means not only the Republicans, but a good majority of the
Democrats are against the re-imposition of this rule.  So I think at this
point it's likely a dead issue, and Savage and Limbaugh will have to find
something else to rave about.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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> I gotta say this... Some of my best buddies here on this list 
> would support a return of the Fairness Doctrine; one of the 
> key reasons I could not support it is the spooky, murky 
> atmosphere it creates. (I know that may make zero sense 
> but...)  We are in a time where so much is dramatically 
> changing economically and politically; it is in this spirit 
> that I am actually afraid of such a misnamed governmental 
> edict.  It's the slippery slope we all seem to oblivious to.  
> And this is my view in spite of the fact that my gut tells me 
> it couldn't even be enforced very well.  We are finally in a 
> place were a sea change of power is showing massive impact, 
> for better or worse. Enforcement would be significant for the 
> fact that a subjective judgment would need to be made 
> regarding point of view. Point of view. 
> Bill O'Neill

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