Delay on WODS-HD3

Don A
Mon Feb 16 16:57:01 EST 2009

Got any first-hand review for any of these units?

> Directed Electronics DMHD1000 tabletop
> Boston Acoustics Recepter HD (x2)
> Belar FMHD1
> Sony XDF-F1HD
> Kenwood KDC-MP425 (car, HD Radio-ready)
> Kenwood KTC-HR100 (non-multicast)
> Kenwood KTC-HR100MC (multicast-capable)
> VR3/Roadmaster VRHDUA100 add-on car HD tuners (x4)
> At home I have:
> Sangean HDT-1 component
> LG PC12 tabletop/iPod
> Boston Acoustics Recepter HD (just one)
> Polk iSonic (first gen)
> And don't forget my JVC KD-HWD10 in my car.
> Briefly I had a Directed Electronics DMMD1000 add-on car HD tuner a few 
> years ago, as well, but that was a loaner to write a review on.
> -- 

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