WBZ 1030 on 103.3 HD2

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On a good day in York, Maine, I can pick-up WBLM's HD Stream using a roof
antenna mounted on top of a 10' mast in my front yard.  I use the Radiosophy
radio and Sony tuner.  In rare instances, I have also received HD stream of
93.3 out of Portland, and of course the usual, my locals:  WHEB, WERZ,
96.7-The Wave, WSKS, WMEA, and WUNH.

Recently, I upgraded the AM antenna to a CCrane loop with tunable amplifier.
Prior to that, the only AM=HD signal I could get was WBZ, ironically.  (Says
a lot for that 50K signal)  Using the CCrane set-up, I now pick-up the
following AM-HD's:  WBZ, WMYF, WGIP, and WGIN.

When I put the roof antenna this spring up on the Chimney, I'm hoping for
more FM-HD signals, as well as DTV signals.  Right now for TV, I can pick-up
Channel 9, 21, 11, and sometimes one more (all religion), in DTV.

Now, wouldn't it be nice if the broadcasters made some good programming use
of all these channels!



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The limit for good reception all depends on the power level of the
station.... If you're a Class A FM , the HD is going to be good for barely,
not even.. 10 miles...

Oh the 25,000 and 50,000 watt FMs.. you'll get about 25 miles or so.

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