WBZ 1030 on 103.3 HD2

Sid Schweiger sid@wrko.com
Thu Feb 12 08:55:18 EST 2009

>>Deb Lawler mentioned to "listen to WBZ in HD on Oldies 103.3 HD channel 2" (or something to that effect). I haven't heard it since, and there's no mention of it on either the WBZ or Oldies 103.3 web sites.<<

Similar to what CBS Radio is doing in some of its other markets.  In New York, for example, WCBS is on WCBS-FM-HD3, and WINS is on WWFS-HD3.

>>I'm not going to go off the deep end and predict this is a precursor to moving the AM format to FM, but how many people have HD radios to take advantage of this?<<

Short answer:  Not enough.

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