top radio personalities in Boston?

Sun Dec 27 16:44:35 EST 2009

You can't leave out Jess Cain and Larry Glick. Either of them certainly
outranks Dick Summer or Bruce Bradley. And what about Bob and Ray, who got
their start here, and for that matter, Tom and Ray? Should personalities
who went on to national prominence but who were first very prominent in
Boston radio not be included?

I don't think you will ever be able to compile a list that everybody will 
agree on.


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Subject: top radio personalities in Boston?

> An editor friend of mine, who normally writes articles about popular
> culture, asked me for my list of the most important radio personalities of
> all time in Boston-- she's asking people in a number of other cities too.
> She wanted to know about the radio people who are/were considered the
> best-known, most popular, in other words, the people who made a major
> impact in Boston, whether they got huge ratings or not.
> While it's hard to  name just a few (she suggested no more than 6 or 7), I
> was thinking Arnie Ginsburg, David Brudnoy, Bob Clayton, Jerry Williams,
> Dick Summer or perhaps Bruce Bradley, Carl deSuze or maybe Dave Maynard...
> and I wanted to say somebody from sports-- like Curt Gowdy, who got
> started in radio but later was identified with TV... wow, I could probably
> name about 20, but who would you say fit her criteria-- best known, most
> popular, somebody who made a major impact in some way (whether through
> charitable work, getting quoted a lot, being identified with some major
> area of broadcasting like sports or news or some niche format)...  What
> would your list of Boston's top radio personalities be-- and why would you
> choose the ones that you decided on?

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