top radio personalities in Boston?

Donna Halper
Sun Dec 27 17:11:51 EST 2009

At 04:44 PM 12/27/2009, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>You can't leave out Jess Cain and Larry Glick. Either of them certainly
>outranks Dick Summer or Bruce Bradley. And what about Bob and Ray, who got
>their start here,

Wow-- you guys are really jogging my memory.  Bob and Ray went 
national, but yes they were beloved in Boston.  They were on the same 
station as Hum and Strum, as I recall (not a joke-- there really was 
a vocal duo named Hum & Strum-- Max Zides and Tom Courier, I believe; 
they were very popular in the late 40s/ early 50s).  I agree on Larry 
Glick, may he rest in peace.  And Jess Cain-- we really did have some 
amazing personalities on the air here...  

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