top radio personalities in Boston?

Donna Halper
Sun Dec 27 16:04:58 EST 2009

An editor friend of mine, who normally writes articles about popular 
culture, asked me for my list of the most important radio 
personalities of all time in Boston-- she's asking people in a number 
of other cities too.  She wanted to know about the radio people who 
are/were considered the best-known, most popular, in other words, the 
people who made a major impact in Boston, whether they got huge 
ratings or not.

While it's hard to  name just a few (she suggested no more than 6 or 
7), I was thinking Arnie Ginsburg, David Brudnoy, Bob Clayton, Jerry 
Williams, Dick Summer or perhaps Bruce Bradley, Carl deSuze or maybe 
Dave Maynard... and I wanted to say somebody from sports-- like Curt 
Gowdy, who got started in radio but later was identified with TV... 
wow, I could probably name about 20, but who would you say fit her 
criteria-- best known, most popular, somebody who made a major impact 
in some way (whether through charitable work, getting quoted a lot, 
being identified with some major area of broadcasting like sports or 
news or some niche format)...  What would your list of Boston's top 
radio personalities be-- and why would you choose the ones that you 
decided on?  

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