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George Allen
Fri Dec 18 14:39:07 EST 2009

Ah yes -- LVB bday was a very special event at 750 South St.!   Also 
- I was just reminiscing about the "Musical Marathon" days in the 
early 70's, when they would load up the BSTT tapes into a van/truck, 
park it at 750 [South St, not 750 Sawmill Brook, another site I spent 
many of my formative years at], and have listeners bid $ to hear 
their favorite historical BSO performance.  Now *that* was radio!

Where are those BSTT tapes today, and is anything being done to 
preserve them and make them available in some way?  Kevin Mostyn has 
a site [abandoned?] that started to document the archive contents, at:
Kevin is a rabid Koussy fan...

At 02:20 PM 12/18/2009, wrote:
At least one Saturday night a year, RLK was in the studio on Saturday 
night:  the Saturday closest to Beethoven's birthday
(given as either December 16th or 17th, depending on how fast mom and 
dad could get the lad to a
baptismal font;  babies often failed to make it through the first 
week or so of life in those days in Bonn, Germany).
People were invited to the South street studio for birthday cake and 
to schmooze.  I was a mere yute then,
but now I wish I had been able to participate.

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