Globe articles on WCRB, WGBH

Ric Werme
Fri Dec 18 23:46:17 EST 2009

> Also: as far as I know neither WGBH nor WBUR (nor WCRB) runs a syndicated
> show called Weekend Radio. Originated at WCLV in Cleveland with host Robert
> Conrad (no, not the actor), the show mixes comedy bits by the likes of The
> Goons (Peter Sellers, etc.), Flanders and Swann, Bob Newhart, and Jean
> Shepherd with light classical pieces. Enjoyable; but as far as I know it has
> not aired in Boston. Wonder if WCRB might consider it...?

WCRB did have "WCRB Saturday Night" hosted by Richard L. Kaye for many
years.  He played Stan Freiburg's "Green Christmas" after seeing the first
Christmas advertising of the fall (or summer), some Tom Lehrer, Victor
Borge, the King's Singers, and a number of other pieces that can be found
on Dr. Demento CDs, and was the sole source for a while of wonderful duets
by folk singer Bill Crofut and tenor Ben Luxon that blended American and
British versions of folk songs.  Eventually those came out on LPs and
then CDs, including one by Telarc.

For several years one segment was from WCLV's similar show, and WCLV
aired a segment of Saturday Night.  I grew up in Painesville OH, so
it was nice hearing WCLV.

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