Globe articles on WCRB, WGBH

Fri Dec 18 12:51:51 EST 2009

No doubt you saw the quote from Ms. Christo at the very end of the
article. Sounds to me as if she is already campaigning to be WGBH-FM's
next GM. How to you suppose the brilliant, if utterly self-centered
and self-absorbed martinet would make out in the WGBH culture?

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It's mentioned that "In the mid-1980s, former WBUR station manager
Jane Christo jettisonedclassical music and converted the sleepy Boston
University station toan all-news-and-talk format. Within just a few
years, ’BUR owned theupscale NPR demographic..."
I do remember something like that. (btw does anyone remember if WBUR
used to have a show called Firesign World on Sunday nights which
featured comedy such as Firesign Theater?)

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