WBUR revamps weekend lineup

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Sat Dec 5 15:19:25 EST 2009

Cross-posted from the radio-info.com Boston board:

In a move that is obviously aimed at blunting WGBH's attack on its
weekend lineup, WBUR has changed the time at which several NPR
programs air. WGBH now airs Wait, Wait! at 10:00AM Saturdays. So does
WBUR now, although WBUR's feed this morning was approximately one
second ahead of WGBH's. WBUR is also rebroadcasting Wait, Wait! at
2:00PM Saturday. Other affected shows include This American Life
(moves to noon Saturdays on WBUR) and On the Media, which is now heard
at 1:00PM Saturdays on WBUR. There are additional changes to both the
Saturday and Sunday schedules on WBUR. See www.wbur.org.

One can only hope that these moves don't presage the start of a battle
for one-upmanship in scheduling between WBUR and WGBH, Changing
program schedules can quickly annoy the audience to the point of
becoming counterproductive. People actually do organize their routines
around familiar and beloved prgrams. Listeners also feel that their
contributions to public radio stations entitle them to input on
matters such as scheduling. Push the audience too far in this regard
and the result may be that a lot of listeners will sit on their
wallets at pledge time.

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