wrko sat am?

Donald Astell donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Sat Dec 5 10:36:14 EST 2009

Who is this dude on wrko this morning at10:30am, talking abot god?    Very strange!

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Date: Fri, Dec 4, 10:15 PM -0500
Subject: Re: Still Do AM Radio DXing?

  Dave Doherty wrote:
>One of my clients up on Alaska put a new AM on the air.  About a 
>month ago, he got a QSL request from someplace in Scandanavia. So 
>it's not a totally lost hobby.

About a year ago we got a reception report from Norway (I think) of 
WSNO Barre, Vt.  He emailed us an mp3 of the legal ID.  It was down 
"in the mud" but definitely there.  I think we sent him a bumper 
sticker as a "QSL".

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