HD Comments

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Sat Dec 5 18:52:47 EST 2009

> I wonder if Eli has a problem receiving the HD3 
> of WGBH on the Sangean?
> Mine (the HDT-1X) picks up that one and 98.5's just 
> fine. It does however have a problem with 100.7's 
> HD3 at times, and almost never picks up the HD3 of 
> 104.1. Some have thought that it is an issue on the 
> stations' end rather than the receiver. My Sony S3HD 
> behaves exactly the same as the Sangean, while the 
> Kenwood in the car has no problem. Could it be that 
> the Kenwood has newer HD decoding hardware/software 
> that is better equipped to handle HD3s?

Here's how the HDT-1 performs on the four HD3 signals
in Boston:

89.7 HD3 - Gets it most, but not all, of the time. 
Cuts out at times.

98.5 HD3 - The best of them. There most of the time,
Dropouts very occasionally.

100.7 HD3 - Not listenable. Brief blips of audio, then
immediately reverts to 100.7 HD1. Occasionally I may
get them for as long as approximately one song here 
and there.

104.1 HD3 - You wouldn't know it exists. I would not
have ever heard it if not for my Insignia walkman-type
HD portable, which gets it intermittently. 

The iLuv, like your Kenwood, seems to have no problem
with any of them.


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