Red Sox leave WRKO

Bob Nelson
Tue Aug 25 16:18:09 EDT 2009

Again, I really hate this. I might be able to hear the Sox barely,
with a mini-FM
transmitter, in one part of my workplace, but when I'm out back
sorting packages WEEI will be a total no-go. The only possible thing I
can do is stay in one spot and hold my Walkman up high to pick up

My bosses won't like that. See, I'm supposed to be sorting packages.

And boomboxes have antennae that are total crap, except maybe for
close stations like WMKK 93.7 (hint, hint!) I e-mailed Jason Wolfe to
express my DIS-satisfaction. While I will like having Howie on till 7,
I won't like having a very tough time picking up games. (Thankfully
after awhile at work I move to a place where WEEI comes in--barely.

There are sure to be conflicts with Celtics. What happens then? Celts to WRKO?

I would really like WMKK 93.7 to pick up Sox games, too (though the
folks at WBOQ wouldn't be so happy). Their stick in Peabody is pretty
close to where I work.

When it was rumored the Sox might go to a "new sports station" which
might be WBOS 92.9 I rejoiced. When I heard it was RKO instead I
thought, not bad. We can pick them up.


For those who have trouble picking up WEEI (yes, WCRN's presence may help,
but THEY don't come in well for me at work either), you're not in luck anymore.

I don't know what kind of programming changes WRKO has but personally I'd
listen to Castiglione and O'Brien over syndie Mike Savage anytime.

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