Red Sox leave WRKO

John Francini
Tue Aug 25 17:31:34 EDT 2009

Wi-Fi radio to pick up the MLB stream off the internet?


On 25 Aug 2009, at 16:18, Bob Nelson wrote:

> Again, I really hate this. I might be able to hear the Sox barely,
> with a mini-FM
> transmitter, in one part of my workplace, but when I'm out back
> sorting packages WEEI will be a total no-go. The only possible thing I
> can do is stay in one spot and hold my Walkman up high to pick up
> 104.9.
> My bosses won't like that. See, I'm supposed to be sorting packages.
> And boomboxes have antennae that are total crap, except maybe for
> close stations like WMKK 93.7 (hint, hint!) I e-mailed Jason Wolfe to
> express my DIS-satisfaction. While I will like having Howie on till 7,
> I won't like having a very tough time picking up games. (Thankfully
> after awhile at work I move to a place where WEEI comes in--barely.
> There are sure to be conflicts with Celtics. What happens then?  
> Celts to WRKO?
> I would really like WMKK 93.7 to pick up Sox games, too (though the
> folks at WBOQ wouldn't be so happy). Their stick in Peabody is pretty
> close to where I work.
> When it was rumored the Sox might go to a "new sports station" which
> might be WBOS 92.9 I rejoiced. When I heard it was RKO instead I
> thought, not bad. We can pick them up.
> Now?
> For those who have trouble picking up WEEI (yes, WCRN's presence may  
> help,
> but THEY don't come in well for me at work either), you're not in  
> luck anymore.
> I don't know what kind of programming changes WRKO has but  
> personally I'd
> listen to Castiglione and O'Brien over syndie Mike Savage anytime.

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