Sid Schweiger
Thu Aug 20 07:15:22 EDT 2009

"> According to Fred Friendly, the producer most associated with Edward
> R. Murrow and later president of CBS News, CBS lawyers advised the
> network to black out the program in Boston.  They had due-process
> concerns about any trials that might arise from the charges made in
> the program.
Which is also what Uncle Walter says in the introduction to the 

Friendly also noted that once all the trials, resignations, legislative shenaningans, etc., were done, CBS repeated the show ("Biography of a Bookie Joint") and WHDH-TV carried the rerun.  He said the attitude of Bostonians was completely different from when the program first ran.  The locals hated the program the first time around, especially the Boston police, who weren't exactly portrayed in the best light (i.e., looking the other way while illegal gambling was going on, and being filmed participating in it).  By the time the program was rerun and shown in Boston they had turned from villains into heroes.

Even though the first run wasn't shown in Boston, supposedly the Boston press went to hotels within range of the Providence and Manchester stations which did run it (yes, WMUR-TV carried it), so it got plenty of local press coverage just the same.

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