Don Hewitt

Garrett Wollman
Thu Aug 20 02:02:29 EDT 2009

<<On Thu, 20 Aug 2009 00:59:02 -0400, "A. Joseph Ross" <> said:

> On 19 Aug 2009 at 14:23, Sid Schweiger wrote:
>> According to Fred Friendly, the producer most associated with Edward
>> R. Murrow and later president of CBS News,
> Which is also what Uncle Walter says in the introduction to the 
> rebroadcast.

It occurs to me, now that Hewitt has passed on, that the only people
left from the first flowering of CBS television news may be Mike
Wallace, Morley Safer, Andy Rooney, and Roger Mudd.  Cronkite, Hewitt,
Reasoner, Friendly, Murrow, even executives like Paley, Salant, and
Stanton, all gone.  (Bob Schieffer didn't join CBS until 1969; the
late Ed Bradley didn't start doing television until the 1970s.)


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