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On 20 Aug 2009 at 5:15, Sid Schweiger wrote:

> The locals hated the program the first time around, especially the
> Boston police, who weren't exactly portrayed in the best light
> (i.e., looking the other way while illegal gambling was going on,
> and being filmed participating in it).  By the time the program was
> rerun and shown in Boston they had turned from villains into
> heroes. 

This isn't surprising.  By 1963, Boston Police Commissioner Sullivan 
had been forced out of office, control of the department shifted from 
the governor to the mayor, and an new commissioner appointed.  Ed 
Brooke had been elected attorney general, giving a high profile to 
fighting corruption, and an anti-corruption Democratic governor was 
in office in place of Governor Volpe, who was just as anti-corruption 
(and possibly more effective) but Republican.
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