The Boston Post and Boston radio

Donna Halper
Tue Aug 11 15:51:36 EDT 2009

>Richard said--
>People like to badmouth Wikipedia, but there's nothing really wrong 
>about their little stub article.  It's four sentences long, does not 
>copy your text, and presents a link to your extensive 
>article.   It's promotion for your work.

Umm, I wasn't badmouthing them.  When they first put that up there, 
way back when, it had no link and basically copied what I wrote.  I 
talked to several people about it, and then added in a link, which I 
am pleased to see has survived.  I just dislike the policy of many 
sites where people think they can lift passages and not attribute 
it-- and no, I was not just referring to wikipedia.  Online 
"borrowing" without attribution is a problem for many sites. 

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