Question about a Dark UHF channel in Boston...

Mike Fitzpatrick
Tue Aug 11 12:05:41 EDT 2009

When they flash cut to digital 40, it will make even less sense as WBPX-DT
is on the same tower. 
Although WBPX-DT has a application to move to the AT Candelabra in WSBK's
old place, the simulcast still makes little sense. 


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>The reason for having W40BO on the air as a repeater of WBPX?  Beats me.

> W33AV ultimately became W40BO, which is owned by Pax and
> operating (if it's really on the air?) from the FM128 tower
> on channel 40. It was granted a CP in June to flash-cut to
> digital on 40.


Mike Fitzpatrick
Providence, RI.

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