Question about a Dark UHF channel in Boston...

Tue Aug 11 14:36:30 EDT 2009

Wow, I remember them, we used to watch them in East Boston with our roof
antenna.  The signal was not great, but very watchable. 

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Does anyone remember WAV-TV ch 33 (I believe)? They ran a "video jukebox" 
service where you called a 900 number and you could play 3 or 4 music videos
for a buck or so? Alot of the time all you saw was a playlist to choose from
and the occasional commercial and not a whole lot of videos being played.

I was wondering whatever happened to them? Did they try to change
programming before going dark? Were they a LP station etc?
I could'nt find any info on them on the web or on the UHF Morgue.
Grafton NH 

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