Martin Waters
Mon Aug 10 20:06:35 EDT 2009

-----On Mon, 8/10/09, Nickolas Noseworthy <> wrote:
>And does anyone know
> excatly when WBCN will switch to Mix and Mix will switch to
> sports (an exact hour of the day?)? 

WBCN is saying its last day is tomorrow, Tuesday. MIX is promoting its first day on 104.1 as Wednesday. The sports station is being promoted as launching on Thursday -- day of the first Patriots' pre-season game.

I'm guessing that on Wednesday 98.5 will carry a loop sending listeners to 104.1?

As for exactly when any of this happens, sorry, can't help. First thing would be to roll on WBZ-FM (which they have been using as their legal ID since sometime last week) and WBCN tomorrow night until MIX moves on up.


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